For lots of people, influencers have become examples to follow. No matter the age, every person has a favorite celebrity or an influencer who he follows on social media.

As long as an influencer doesn’t have anything bad to say or show, it is excellent to follow him. Here is a top New Zealand influencers who truly have something to say.

Shannon Harris

This popular influencer from New Zealand has great local and international following. Shannon Harris has 1.5-million followers. She has been partnering with make-up companies such as Clinique and Smashbox.

In 2012, she has launched her own beauty brand. Moreover, Shannon was even listed in Forbes’ Top Influencers list in 2017.

Taika Waiti

Actor, director, and bonafide hunk, Taika offers the content many people crave. On her page, you will find Thor content, fashion content, Jeff Goldblum content, and more. Moreover, he has recently posted several ads for Samsung mobile.

Kris Fox

Kris Fox has 99,000 followers. She is a micro-influencer and a very popular one in New Zealand. On her YouTube channel, she posts makeup tutorials, rants, anecdotes, and much more.

On the other hand, on Instagram, her followers will see her photos and selfies. Over time, Kris has done sponsored work for Sky TV and MAC cosmetics.

She has used social media channels to shout out favorite brands such as Lash Noir Ink and Boohoo.

Eliza McCartney

Eliza McCartney has 86,000 followers. She is an Olympic medallist. There is no wonder why she is a very popular influencer. When she is not busy flinging herself in the air, Eliza enjoys posting photos, selfies, and videos.

Erin Simpson

Eric Simpson is a TV host, a homewares savant, and a death metal enthusiast. She has 37,000 followers. She offers everything from make-up tips and skincare advice to fashion and fitness information.

Makaia Carr

This 39-year old influencer is a classic example of how social media influencers can impact people’s lives. Makaia Carr has 49,000 followers.

Colin Mathura-Jeffree

Collin is a very popular man in New Zealand. He has 10,000 followers. He goes to all sorts of fancy shows and he hosts amazing and exciting parties. Colin Mathura-Jeffree is a proud social media influencer. Some people like him whereas others don’t.

Ania Milczarczyk

Ania is the girl behind some of the most iconic makeup looks. She has cracked the viral market. Working on the most beautiful models, Ania is the master of luminous looks. Follow her and you will understand what we mean by that.

Brookelle McKenzie

Brookelle is the best at dramatic faces and glam looks. She nails everything from Coachella’s eyes to Kylie Jenner’s lips. She is a strong influencer, but one that has a positive impact on people’s lives.

Cindy Barraga

On her page, people will be able to enjoy her latest looks and makeup adventures. Products are being photographed simply, authentically, and beautifully. There are no distractions, fuss, or background noise.

Sabella Fiori

Ssabella Fiori is one of the biggest names in sustainable beauty. Her YouTube channel is full of makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and much more. Not only the channel is attractive but is also very useful.

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