Many social influencers are quite often embroiled in scandals. This affects all the brands associated with them. Yet, influencer marketing is more than effective.

It makes the news for seemingly all the wrong reasons. At the same time, influencer marketing is a great way for brands to engage with clients and drive traffic.

Social media influencers help to build trust and credibility

In surveys, people will always trust opinions from those who are similar to them. Influencers work a lot to achieve their goal. They spend lots of time to build their audiences.

Most popular influencers have highly engaged audiences who trust them. This means that when an influencer endorses a brand, his audience is more likely to trust his recommendation.

Moreover, his followers may also buy that particular product. In fact, they will buy it a lot faster than those who see that item through traditional advertising channels.

They can help you reach a relevant audience

Influencers, and especially micro-influencers can help brands to target a particular audience. For example, a restaurant is promoted well if collaborating with a travel blogger.

On the other hand, a wallpaper company can work with home improvement bloggers. Such collaboration can be great for creating home makeover posts.

So, if you are running a business and you want to have more clients, then consider this option.

Social media influencers can improve your reach

In comparison with traditional marketing, influencers engage followers on a more personal level. By using influencer marketing, a brand can build more personal relationships with clients.

This is something that encourages people a lot to feel more attached to a brand. Plus, there are also lots of chances to stick with that brand.

They can help a company save money

Brands can try several strategies for attracting clients, without spending lots of money. A good influencer can help the brand save money on content creation.

They know the best ways to create content that will engage the brand’s followers. By collaborating with a good influencer, a brand gains access to an audience expert. He will take responsibility for promoting the brand.

This means that you can focus on other marketing strategies. Companies can re-use influencer content on their own social media channels. This is an excellent way to add variety to social feeds and build followers.

Disadvantages of social media influencers

There are also some disadvantages of social media influencers that you need to be aware of. First of all, collaborating with the wrong influencer can harm your brand.

If consumers feel misled by an influencer, they will be less likely to buy that brand. Second of all, as a consumer, you must know that sometimes it can be difficult to tell when a post you like is an ad.

Even if this doesn’t bother too many people, it does point out how everything is becoming an advertising tool. It may be hard to tell if anything is really free from advertising.

That’s why it is important for any brand to pay great attention when choosing an influencer. Such collaboration can be good for the company, but it can also have a negative impact.

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